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Android applications GForceMeter sample I'd like to hear if you have a device that shows temperature or humidity.
Calculatium, Roman numeral calculator. Available on Play Store.
Get a PLU (PLU lookup app) Available on Play Store.
More coming soon.
WebOS applications WebOS Calculatium This should work on Palm Pre or HP TouchPad under WebOS.
Desktop Java applications. These run on Mac, Linux and Windows. UJ folder sync utility I use this for all backups. It is a commandline tool. Example: java -jar uj.jar personal /volumes/thumb16/personal
Calculator This is a simple calculator with tape, using Swing. Doubleclick the jar file.
Writing Safer Browsing
Things should be designed to last ten years
Structure of the World
Don't throw it away, throw it MY way! If you have a broken laptop or PC, and you're in the Muncie area, let me know. I'll come and get it, and try to fix it so someone can use it, or at least get any usable parts out of it. Please don't send good parts to the landfill - they won't do anyone any good there.
Sudoku techniques
Bus Business (short story)
If the Key Fits (short story)
Right Number (short story)
No New Things
The Innate Perversity of Inanimate Objects
Generic budget (XLS file, right click to download)
Complexity - Coming soon
When someone dies - Coming soon
Programming Principles of the Curmudgeon (New!)
Contact me...
"In theory there is no difference between theory and practice. In practice there is." Yogi Berra

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